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iGaming Consultancy

Years of hands-on experience working with many of the most successful brands in the industry together with in-depth knowledge of nearly all gaming platforms provides a wealth of knowledge for you to make use of.

For the past 20 years we have assisted with a wide range of technical projects including Tier 1 RFP’s for New Jersey, platform analysis and recommendations for major sportsbook and casino brands and market leading platform providers. 

“He has proved invaluable to me as a sounding board, advice giver and facilitator."

AJ is an extremely experienced and capable gaming professional. He has proved invaluable to me as a sounding board, advice giver and facilitator. He has contacts from across the worldwide industry and he is able to provide support and knowledge on a wide range of topics. He also manages to strike a great balance between hardcore technical knowhow, and a practical and proactive business outlook as well. I would highly recommend working with or for AJ, and can confidently state that he’d make a strong addition to any senior management team, project or workload within the industry.
Luke | Entertaining Growth
Luke Turner

Technical iGaming Consultancy

If it concerns the technology then we can help. Whether it's selecting the platform to grow your business with, enter a new market or vertical, scaling an existing operation or a security worry we bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Platform Selection

We have extensive knowledge of all major and most up & coming or under-the-radar platforms that are in circulation. We have built extensive technical due-diligence matrices and have direct access to the suppliers best people.

Licensing Technical Audits

There is a host of content that has become available and much of it has fantastic bells & whistles; whether it will work for you is another matter. We can bring our experience and expertise to assist you in your decision making.

Payment Processing

Our experience in the field of payment processing extends from card scheme management in Europe through to developing farmers in China! We are very well connected in this space and happy to drive you in the right direction.

Past Projects

Technical Consultant

High 5 wanted to make a move back into the real money gaming space after achieving huge success with their social products. This project involved platform vendor analysis, proprietary platform GAP analysis and development roadmap. Finally we were involved in running the technical audits for their successful MGA license applications.

Senior Consultant

From M&A assistance through to multiple platform and vendor analysis projects we have worked with Partis for over four years. Some of the highlights include a number of growth streams for a Tier 1 casino content provider, a platform move for a market leading sportsbook and a North American RFP for some leading Vegas casinos. We continue to work with Partis as external consultants.

Global CTO

Over the years we held the position of CTO for a number of the largest Global gaming brands. These opportunities have given us the ability to gain experience operating throughout Asia, Australia, The Caribbean and Europe.

Previous Challenges

Our journey into online gaming began when we started the process of developing the online presence for International All Sports back in 1994. Darwin All Sports, as it was known as then, was a specialist telephone horse racing telephone betting service licenced in the Northern Territory of Australia and became the birthplace of many members of the online gaming community. 

Since then we have been responsible for designing and developing platforms for Pinnacle, LVS, Bet2Go, Tain, Expekt and Bodog amongst many others. By combining a deep understanding of the technical challenges that we face in our industry we have the ability to quickly identify when projects are misaligned and can use our extensive experience to get these back on track efficiently. 

We have experience of operating in nearly all gaming geographies and have completed license and compliance projects throughout most of the primary legal jurisdictions.

Bodog | Entertaining Growth

Global CTO

BODOG is one of our favourite partner organisations where we assisted at board level with technical platform and infrastructure strategies. Development of multiple development centres and changes in core technologies were part and parcel of this project.

Leander Games

Performance Hosting

Entertaining Growth assisted Leander with a move to faster servers, lower latency and optimal delivery for their suite of online games. EG were pleased to work with Leander on the development of a brand new Virtual Data Centre using IaaS technology and powered entirely by renewable energy to power the next generation of Leander Games.

SPIFFX| Entertaining Growth

Product Services

Swedish Nasdaq listed company, SPIFFX engaged us for assistance from a product perspective and market launch of an alternative betting exchange and it's exciting new games. Initially it was deemed that these added value games would be used for player acquisition and retention but they have now developed into a range of hybrid games with their own place in the market.

Group CTO

Prior to Expekt being sold to the Mangas Gaming Group we spent considerable time assisting with the scalability of the Expekt Sportsbook and Gaming Operations. Sitting in the CTO role during the preparation for sale and due diligence process, EG played a fundamental role in the completion of sale.

Mobile Sportsbook

In 2003 we were engaged to provide bookmaking knowledge and experience to influence the first multi-bookmaker mobile gaming application. This challenge included working closely with the UK's major telecoms operators O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange to launch this product amongst their subscribers. | Entertaining Growth | iGaming Consultancy


We like to think that we played a major part in the design and development of the Advanced Betting Platform with the team from Laverock von Schoultz. Our design of a risk management portal that catered for global sports and racing together with client front end and CRM modules are all in use today at FDJ.

IT Director

EG moved operations to Curacao in 1999 in order to launch this telephone betting giant into the online space. All system design, integration and deployment were carried out by the EG team where we saw the very first online bets coming through and experienced the exponential growth through the initial years.

International All Sports

Group CTO

In 1995 EG took the Optical Mark Systems telephone betting system to Australia and began work on building the Online Interface for the Darwin All Sports Operation. After taking our first online bets in 1997 we then handled all licensing requirements and preparation for the float on the Australian Stock Exchange in later 1998.

Our Favourite Upcoming Developments

We are working on some exciting new innovations, here are some of our current projects.

Our Technical Specialities

There are many iGaming Consultancy’s but our speciality is technology. We live in online gaming and breathe technology.